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Driving Policies

The student must spend fourteen hours in the car, seven driving and seven observing. Driving may continue several weeks after class is completed. To schedule by phone with Debra, leave a message and you will get a return call.  If driving is scheduled on the same day as class the student will be here for four hours.


Required Video

The ITTD video is now a separate requirement provided at no charge and must be completed no more than 90 days prior to the student taking their driver's skills examination. The ITTD video should also be completed after successful completion of Driver's Education and all behind the wheel instruction. The ITTD video is the final step before taking the driving skills examination. Remember, once the ITTD certification is completed and printed, it is only valid for 90 days.


Please Note:

-->Students should show up at least ten minutes before their driving time with their permit.


-->Any student who cannot make a scheduled driving time must call at least eight hours in advance and cancel. **If a student does not call eight hours prior to his driving time, there will be a $20.00 cancellation charge.**

-->The seventh driving time is the driving test. Students will take another driving test at the DPS when they go for their drivers license. Students, in our opinion, who are not ready to pass the test will be advised of weakness and the lesson will be postponed. We will not rush the student through the driving process.

 -->The seven behind the wheel hours a student receives from us sets a foundation of skills, but the student will advance faster with practice at home. It is our feeling that a student should accumulate fifty hours before driving alone. Feel free to call and check on the student’s progress at any time.



One Way Driver Training School offers an all-inclusive teenage driving program...
It includes:
-32 classroom hours
-7 hours driving
-7 hours of observation
-permit testing
-10% insurance discount for driver's ed
-5% Drug and Alcohol Awareness discount





for more information on start dates and times and to reserve your teenager's spot!

Overview of Program

-->Class meets Monday through Friday for two weeks and Monday through Saturday the third week. Saturday final class is 9:00 to 11:00 am. The classroom must be completed in 180 days from the first day of class.

-->Maximum number of classes that can be missed is five. Each class must be made up during another class when the same lesson is being taught or on a Saturday 11:00 to 1:00. Students will not be let into class if they are more than five minutes late.

 -->Students will be expected to pay attention and be cooperative during the class time and driving time (No sleeping, no cell phone use during class or while in the car). The material we teach is very important. One Way DTS provides students with a workbook and the Texas driving handbook. 

 -->The drug and alcohol awareness program (TDADAP) is included in the teenage driver training program. Therefore, on Monday of the third week students MUST have an article about drugs or alcohol. .

***Students must complete ALL class, class make-ups, driving, and observation times within SIX MONTHS of the class start date. This applies even to the students that begin the program when 14 years old.***

Obtaining a Permit

After a student has completed six hours (the first three days) of classroom instruction, he or she may obtain a permit.

The following will be needed at the DPS or at the school:

Application (filled out in black ink)

DE 964 form from driving school after completing three days

Social Security Card

T.E.A. or V.O.E. form -- this is a verification of enrollment/attendance in school. This form is good for 30 days during the school year, and if issued the last week of the school year, it is good for the entire summer.

Birth Certificate--This must be an original or certified copy of the student’s State or county birth certificate. Also can be used instead of birth certificate: passport, or resident alien card.   **PLEASE NOTE: A hospital birth certificate will not be accepted; must be birth certificate with certified seal.
Two Residency Forms - the parent accompanying the teen to the DPS must bring two proof of residency forms such as bills with current address or voter registration

Teenage Driver Education

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